The main role of the Center is to educate the visitors into raising awareness about the importance of nature and the need of its active protection. Interpretation, education, tourist, conference and office amenities have found their place in about 1000 square meters of space. The Center was built on the location of an old motel that was destroyed during the war.

The center for visitor’s accommodation and information is made up of 3 zones:

Zone A – The visitor’s center made up of a multi-purpose hall, café, display hall, speleological center (laboratory and accommodation units), office spaces and management and a study and socializing area. The visitor’s center accommodates and educates a larger number of visitors and also enables office and expert work of the center management. The aforementioned areas can accommodate up to 200 people at the same time while the open classroom (atrium) can have up to 200 people for the purpose of their education and promotion of the values of the protected area. The building is organized into 3 platforms around the central atrium yard.

Zone B – Rest-stop with over 60 parking spaces for cars and buses, an information center with a giftshop and changing rooms and sanitary areas for the visitors.

Zone C – Multipurpose plateau for sales and presentation of local products and souvenirs.