The Law on Accessibility of Web Site and Programming Solutions for Mobile Devices of Public Sector Bodies came into force, and, subsequently, the Public Institution Nature Park Velebit is publishing the Digital Accessibility Statement of its web center and coherence with the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 entitled Web Accessibility Directive and the possibility of enabling user feedback in order to further upgrade the digital accessibility of the web center.


The web page is trying to secure accessibility of its services for disabled people to the largest possible extent. We are constantly trying to ensure digital accessibility to all the users who access public services and information by implementing the European Parliament and Council Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of October 26th, 2016, about the accessibility of web pages and mobile devices of the public sector.

We are constantly trying to improve the user experience by implementing relevant accessibility standards according to the guidelines and standardization of web content (WCAG 2.1 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), the initiative of web accessibility (WAI) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which is an organization that deals with standardizing web technologies.

The web page is in accordance with the Law on Accessibility of Web Site and Programming Solutions for Mobile Devices of Public Sector Bodies with certain exceptions.

Inaccessible content

  • certain .pdf files contained in the posts were not completely created by exporting out of the original file from Microsoft Office Word tool and choosing the accessibility option but by scanning printed documents which makes them inaccessible because they are not suitable for screen readers
  • .pdf files open in a new browser tab and .doc, .docx and .ppt files are only accessible as files to download
  • a part of the images and files does not have an appropriate textual description (alt text)
  • there is a part of the text in the form of image files mostly because of organizational and technical reasons
  • a part of the content (texts) on the web page does not have left alignment
  • certain elements of the web page cannot be accessed using the keyboard
  • links in some cases are not descriptive and do not provide information about the content to which they take you to (instead, they only contain expressions such as more, here)

Raising accessibility level

The Public Institution Nature Park Velebit will implement additional corrective actions which will make the inaccessible content on the web page accessible for disabled people.

Additional information

Links and webpages of contain different kinds of multimedia content such as graphic elements, visual materials, and audiovisual materials besides textual content. In case any difficulties appear during browsing or opening the materials, we advise you to download and use one of the compatible programs from the following list:

Assistive technology greatly helps improve the functional possibilities of using smartphone usage by people with disabilities. The systems contain the already installed applications and tools and also the additional settings and mobile applications for smartphones.

Mobile apps:

  • Google TalkBack (Android)
  • Voiceover (iPhone)
  • Ease of Access (Windows Phone)
  • Talks (Symbian)
  • Mobile Speak Pocket (Windows mobile)
  • Orator (Blackberry)




For the best and complete online experience, we suggest always using the latest version of the browser with which you will access the Web.

Preparation of the Accessibility statement

This statement was finished on December 1st, 2021, in accordance with the Accessibility Statement Template that is also in accordance with the European Parliament and Council Directive (EU) 2016/2102 about the accessibility of web pages and mobile devices of the public sector bodies. The self-assessment method and testing accessibility using the tool WAVE which is a Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool were used during the preparation of the Statement.

Feedback and contact information

All inquiries related to accessibility of the webpage can be addressed via


telephone: +385 53 560 450

mailed to: Javna ustanova Park prirode Velebit, Kaniža Gospićka 4b, 53000 Gospić

Inspection supervision

The authority in charge of monitoring the compliance of web pages and software solutions with the mobile devices of the public sector with accessibility requests and supervision over the Accessibility Law is the Information Commissioner for the Republic of Croatia.

In case of inadequate responses to a notification or a request for feedback on the accessibility of these web pages, users can reach out to the Information Commissioner via phone call +385 1 4609 041 or e-mail