Rules of conduct

In order to preserve this unique geomorphological monument of nature, it is necessary to obey certain rules of conduct. Cerovac caves are ‘alive’ meaning that the process of forming speleothem still goes on due to the constant water activity. It takes approximately 10 years for 1 mm of speleothem decorations to be created. Sometimes it can take up to several decades. Therefore, do not touch and do not damage cave ornaments so as not to disturb hundreds of years of nature’s activities. Although we encourage curiosity and creativity, do not leave the walkways and obey the guide’s

Basic information about visiting caves

Cerovac caves are located at the slopes of south Velebit, on the northeastern side of hill Crnopac, in the protected are of Nature Park Velebit. The closest city is Gračac which is 4 km away. Tourists can visit Donja and Gornja Cerovac caves. Each of them is about 700 m long. One cave tour takes 1,5 h in which you spent 50 min inside the cave. Both caves tour takes cca 3h, in which you are 50 min in each cave and the remaining time is spent on a walk from the centre to the caves and back. The caves are toured with a guide (guidance is included in the ticket price). Centre of Excellence

Price list

INDIVIDUAL TICKET  1€ = 7,53450 HRK SINGLE CAVE BOTH CAVES CHILDREN (7-18y) LOCAL POPULATION 7.00 €  (52,74HRK) 11.00 €  (82,88HRK)   STUDENTS (up to 25g) PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES PENSIONERS, HIKERS   9.00 €  (67,81HRK)   13.00 €   (97,95HRK) ADULTS 11.00 €  (82,88HRK) 15.00 € (113,02HRK)

TIMETABLE (tour times)

CAVES TOUR TIMES arrive  30min before the desired cave tour time MONTH LOWER CAVE UPPER CAVE WORKDAY APRIL to SEPTEMBER 10:00 11:30 13:00 14:30 16:00 17:30 11:30 13:00 14:30 16:00 17:30 EVERY DAY NOVEMBER to FEBRUARY 10:00 11:30 13:00 14:30 11:30 13:00 14:30 EVERY DAY MARCH and OCTOBER 10:00 11:30 13:00

How to reach the caves

Cerovac caves are located 4 km from Gracac on the road to Knin. If you come by highway, you need to get off at the exit for Sveti Rok. It is 25 km from Sveti Rok to Gračac.