Right of access to information

The right of access to information in the possession or at the disposal of the Public Institution Velebit Nature Park is regulated by the Act on the Right of Access to Information (Official Gazette 25/13, 85/15). The Act also lays down the principles, restrictions and procedures of achieving and protecting the right of access to information. The objective of the Act is to enable and ensure the lawful exercise of the right of access to information to natural persons and legal entities, through openness and the publicity of the activity of public authority bodies. The right of access to

Educational programs

Education is one of the most important goals for the Public Institution Nature Park Velebit. It represents the means for protecting the Park because familiarizing with the biological and cultural values of the protected area influences the awareness and behavior of visitors which directly contributes to nature preservation. The educational programs have been created to suit all age groups and especially for preschool and school children and students. The educational program enables people to get to know natural and cultural-historical values of the Park through diverse creative activities.

Center amenities

The main role of the Center is to educate the visitors into raising awareness about the importance of nature and the need of its active protection. Interpretation, education, tourist, conference and office amenities have found their place in about 1000 square meters of space. The Center was built on the location of an old motel that was destroyed during the war. The center for visitor’s accommodation and information is made up of 3 zones: Zone A – The visitor’s center made up of a multi-purpose hall, café, display hall, speleological center (laboratory and accommodation units), office

About the project

Project name: “Center of excellence Cerovac Caves – sustainable management of natural heritage and karst underground”. User: Public Institution Nature Park Velebit Partners: Zadar County, Public Institution „Natura Jadera“ for Management of Nature Protected Areas in Zadar County and Zagreb Speleological Union Overall project value: 68 453 850,00 kuna EU co-funding: 53 233 632,80 kuna Operational program: ”Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020” as part of priority axis 6- Environmental Protection and Sustainability of Resources Period of implementation: April 4th, 2018 to