Family farms

OPG PERICA KEČA, EXCURSION SITE AJDEROVAC – the farm is engaged in the breeding of Lika pramenka sheep and the breeding of cows of the crossbreed breed of beef cattle hereford with the Simmental breed, Croatian cold-blooded horses. The production of lamb and veal for the market is certified by an ecological certificate. They have a tag LIKA QUALITY Donji Srb 6 E-mail: OPG LUKIĆ – they produce traditional Lika cheeses, Lika bass, škripavac cheese, semi-hard and hard cheese, as well as meadow honey of

Rules for a safe stay in nature

The area of Nature Park Velebit is protected by law. We kindly ask the visitors to obey the codes of conduct and to cooperate with the Park staff in order to preserve the original biological, geological and cultural authenticity of the protected area. The rules are the following: Do not damage the trees, bushes or rip out flowers and other plants Do not scare, disturb, catch, hunt or kill any type of animal Do not carry any weapons Do not damage the nests and burrows of animals Do not camp or start fires unless in the designated places Maintain the area of the Park clean and in order


The beauties of Velebit leave no man indifferent. Going back to this mountain is guaranteed after the first visit. The diverse possibilities that can be visited – from rocky mountain peaks to underground cave halls, from karst rivers to sea bays – guarantee an unforgettable experience. Active vacation enthusiasts can choose between multiple hiking trails and walkways. Mountain climbing and nature hikes can be combined with cycling, alpine activities and visits to underground objects. The features of karst beauties Zrmanja and Kupa can be experienced through white-water rafting and

Caffe bar and restaurants

RESTAURANT KRALJ „ZVONIMIR“ Zagrebačka 47, Gračac RESTAURANT „TOMIĆ“ Grab 10B, Gračac RESTAURANT AND CAFFE BAR „VILLA DIJANA“ Nikole Tesle 22, Gračac RESTAURANT „GASTRO LIKA“ Bruvno, Gračac CAFFE BAR „MARINO“ Nikole Tesle 43, Gračac CAFFE BAR „RUSTIKA“ Nikole Tesle 36, Gračac CAFFE BAR „EUPHORIA“ Hrvatskog sokola 4, Gračac CAFFE BAR „MARKO“


CAMPING „LIKA“ Mali dol 6, Gračac

Apartments and holiday homes

**** HOLIDAY HOUSE „KRALJICA   DIVLJINE“ Podurljaj 51, Gračac **** HOLIDAY HOUSE „MONA“ Rudopolje Bruvanjsko 30, Gračac, ***APARTMENT „ANA“   Joze Ilijića 9, Gračac, E-mail: *** APARTMENTS „TINA“ Trpimira Bakarića 3, Gračac, E-mail: *** APARTMENT „TONI“ Zagrebačka 5, Gračac *** APARTMENTS „CEROVAC“ Nikole Tesle 43,

Una spring

Una is a river of special natural values as it is the one, only and unique (such as the old Romans named it – una). The spring is in Zadar county, some 100 km from Zadar, in Donja Suvaja which is close to the village of Srb. The area from which this unique river stars its journey has been declared a Hydrological monument of nature in 1968. The spring is at 398 meters altitude in a very narrow canyon where the water arises from great depths to the surface in a round, peaceful and blue-green form. The surrounding area of the spring is made up of forests and steep, high cliffs beneath the

Pueblo plato

Surely one of the most spectacular sights of the Zrmanja canyon comes from the site Pariževačka glavica. It is also famous under the name Pueblo because it is one of the locations for shooting the movie Winnetou. The area of the impressive canyon from Obrovac to where it flows into Novigrad sea is protected as a Significant Landscape in the length of approximately 10 km and width in the distance between the sides of the canyon. It is under the management of the Public Institution Natura Jadera.

Obrovac hiking path – Jankovića buk

The waterfall Jankovića buk is the last waterfall on Zrmanja. It is about 3 meters in height. It is famous with local residents due to water mills that were very important in the past, but now are just ruins. Beneath Janković buk freshwater gets mixed with sea water. Conditions like these make the habitat suitable for freshwater and sea water organisms.


Mirila are connected to funeral customs of residents in the coastal side of Velebit from the 17th to the 20th century. They spent their summers boarding cattle in the high pastures and during that period they would have to transfer their deceased from the hillsides to the cemeteries. The deceased would be laid on the ground in a specific place which was the place for the final farewell with the Sun. A mirilo would be constructed in that place. It was a measurement (mira in Croatian) of the deceased marked with a stone at the place of the head and another one at the place of the feet,

Tulove grede

Tulove grede is a rocky reef with distinctively steep forms made up of limestone rocks. Its highest peak is 1120 meters and the length is about 1 km. There are many folk tales associated to it. According to them, it was the hatching place for dragons and invisible fairies from Velebit lived inside the rocks. Majstorska road that passes it is one of the most beautiful historical roads and it has been declared as a cultural heritage of Croatia.

Krupa Monastery

Krupa Monastery is situated next to the river Krupa which is the biggest tributary to Zrmanja. The Church of the Assumption of Madonna is located in the monastery. There are numerous legends about the founding of the monastery which have not yet been historically determined. This is the reason why it is hard to talk about the exact time of its foundation. The 18th century is the time when the monastery has reached its constant growth and development. It is also the period when the monastery buildings have been upgraded.


Muškovci is a small village on the banks of Zrmanja, not far from Obrovac. Berberov buk is located in Miškovci. It is a 200 m long waterfall surrounded with numerous eating establishments and accommodation facilities. Muškovci is the end of the white-water rafting tour on Zrmanja that starts in Kaštel Žegarski.

Krupa river and Kudin bridge

Krupa is a typical karstic river that flows into Zrmanja after 10 km of its own flow and it is its biggest tributary. The most beautiful part of Krupa is rich in lavish waterfalls and tufa cascades. More precisely, there are nine of them which end in a high waterfall. Kudin bridge takes you over the waterfall itself. The bridge has been declared as a Cultural monument due to the fact that it is the oldest crossing over Krupa. The entire area of Krupa river has been protected as a Cultural landscape.

Zrmanja river

The river Zrmanja is the southeast border of Nature Park Velebit. The flow of the river is rich in enchanting scenery throughout its full length of 69 km. It consists of canyons up to 300 m in depth, caves, tufa formations and numerous waterfall areas. As a tourist attraction, Zrmanja is suitable for numerous sporting activities out of which the most exciting are white-water rafting, foot paths and cycling tours.