The area of Nature Park Velebit is protected by law. We kindly ask the visitors to obey the codes of conduct and to cooperate with the Park staff in order to preserve the original biological, geological and cultural authenticity of the protected area. The rules are the following:

  • Do not damage the trees, bushes or rip out flowers and other plants
  • Do not scare, disturb, catch, hunt or kill any type of animal
  • Do not carry any weapons
  • Do not damage the nests and burrows of animals
  • Do not camp or start fires unless in the designated places
  • Maintain the area of the Park clean and in order and also dispose of trash in its designated places
  • Do not pollute watercourses and springs
  • Do not damage the protected cultural monuments
  • It is forbidden to record and photograph the area for commercial use unless a permit has been issued to do so

For a safe stay in nature, it is necessary to wear the appropriate clothes according to the season and weather conditions and to wear sportswear.

It is not recommended to go alone in nature. In case this does happen, it is obligatory to inform those close to you of your planned whereabouts.