Cerovac caves

The largest cave complex in Croatia

Cerovac caves are located at the slopes of south Velebit, on the northeastern side of hill Crnopac, in the protected are of Nature Park Velebit. The closest city is Gračac which is 4 km away.

Tourists can visit Donja and Gornja Cerovac caves. Each of them is about 700 m long. One cave tour takes 50 minutes. The caves are toured with a guide (guidance is included in the ticket price). A group can have up to 30 people and the time gap between the entrance of 2 groups is 15 minutes.

Centre of Excellence Cerovac Caves and its parking lot is at 553 meters altitude from where it takes about 15 minutes of a light walk to reach Donja cave which is at 620 meters altitude. The Gornja cave at 700 meters altitude can be reached with an additional 10-minute walk.

The average temperature is about 7 ºC. It is necessary to wear warm, layered clothing and athletic footwear when visiting the caves and throughout the whole year.

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7 7 °Caverage temperature

1913. 1913.year have been discovered

8093 8093 mthe length of the explored cave channels

1961. 1961.protected as a geomorphological monument of nature

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