Education is one of the most important goals for the Public Institution Nature Park Velebit. It represents the means for protecting the Park because familiarizing with the biological and cultural values of the protected area influences the awareness and behavior of visitors which directly contributes to nature preservation.

The educational programs have been created to suit all age groups and especially for preschool and school children and students.

The educational program enables people to get to know natural and cultural-historical values of the Park through diverse creative activities. Furthermore, work in natural surroundings contributes to the development of a proper relation towards nature preservation and a healthy lifestyle.

The programs take place in the visitor’s center throughout the whole year and also outdoors depending on the weather conditions.

The duration of the program is dependent of the children’s age, group size, agreement with the educators, teachers and professors and choosing the content together. Duration of the program can be adjusted based on the above-mentioned factors.

For all further information, group announcements and price details, contact the Public Institution Nature Park Velebit via the telephone number 053 560 450 or e-mail