In order to preserve this unique geomorphological monument of nature, it is necessary to obey certain rules of conduct.

Cerovac caves are ‘alive’ meaning that the process of forming speleothem still goes on due to the constant water activity. It takes approximately 10 years for 1 mm of speleothem decorations to be created. Sometimes it can take up to several decades. Therefore, do not touch and do not damage cave ornaments so as not to disturb hundreds of years of nature’s activities.

Although we encourage curiosity and creativity, do not leave the walkways and obey the guide’s instructions for your own safety. You can transform all your curiosity into questions for which your guide will give you in-depth answers.

Behave respectfully towards the environment in which you are and restrain yourselves from producing unnecessary noise during your visit to Nature Park Velebit and Cerovac caves. The noise disturbs other visitors and also affects your ability to pay attention to your tour guide.

Photographing and video recording is allowed without using a flash as not to disturb the delicate cave fauna. A memory of the trip can be a souvenir bought at the entrance point.

Dogs and pets entering the caves is not allowed.

Finally, although we are aware that our visitors are nature enthusiasts, we have to point out the last rule: any pollution or littering of the cave area is inadmissible. Trash can be disposed of in a designated point.

You are obligated to carry the ticket with yourself during your whole stay in Cerovac caves and present it to the official personnel of the public institution if they ask you to do so.